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Welcome to Sage Doula Care! I am Sarah and I am dedicated to the doula mission of supporting women-physically, emotionally, and educationally-as they take their birth and postpartum journey. I am proud to be a trained and certified member of the Long Island Doula Association (LIDA), the premiere doula organization in the region. As a doula, my goal always is to help mothers have the best, safest birth and postpartum experience possible. I am there to be of service every step of the way for you, your partner, and your family. 


Like many women I have worked to fit my professional life around my mothering because first and foremost I am a mother and grandmother. But I am also a writer and a former teacher. Working with children, families, and communities has always been what inspires me, so becoming a doula has felt as natural a move as breathing. 


Still nothing has measured up to being a mother. That is the most important work I have ever done. I bring a wealth of experience and, I like to think, a certain wisdom to my mission of mothering the mother. I honor the work of mothers because I've been there and I believe in it.

To that end, I am also a certified lactation counselor and child birth educator. The road to a good, happy and healthy birth begins with the best information about birth and the tools to make it happen. Knowledge really is power. If you need a doula, call me. I'll be there.


Sarah Hartmann, Sage Doula

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