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Welcome to Sage Doula Care! I am Sarah and I am dedicated to the doula mission of supporting women-physically, emotionally, and educationally-as they take their birth and postpartum journey. I am proud to be a trained and certified member of the Long Island Doula Association (LIDA), the premiere doula organization in the region. Along with my sisterhood, my goal always is to help mothers have the best, safest birth and postpartum experience possible. I am there to be of service every step of the way for you, your partner, and your family. 


Like many women I have worked to fit my professional life around my mothering because first and foremost I am a mother and grandmother. But I am also a writer, a former teacher and a district director in the field of public service. Working with children, families, and communities has always been what inspires me, so becoming a doula has felt as natural a move as breathing. 


Still nothing has measured up to being a mother. That is the most important work I have ever done. I bring a wealth of experience and, I like to think, a certain wisdom to my mission of mothering the mother. I honor the work of mothers because I've been there and I believe in it.

To that end, I am also a child birth educator. The road to a good, happy and healthy birth begins with the best information about birth and the tools to make it happen. Knowledge is power. There is just no other way to say it. 


Finally, as a sage doula, I am also a stage-of-life doula. Life begins at birth, but it is a long road and there are times when we all need a caring doula to help. Call me. I'll be there.    

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