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*Birth Doula
*Postpartum Doula
*Certified Lactation 
*Child Birth Educator

*Food Doula Services

Sage Doula Care

gentle, experienced care for mother and child

smoothing the way for families

Why Hire a Doula?
keep calm and hire a doula



Study after study continues to show that doula-supported women experience....

  • lower odds of having a C-Section.

  • reduced need for pain meds.

  • decreased rate of medical interventions.

  • higher chance of a vaginal birth.

  • better labors.

  • higher satisfaction with birth outcomes.


Experts agree that postpartum doulas....​

  • help to enhance maternal confidence.

  • enable mothers to heal faster.

  • encourage easier mother-baby bonding.

  • facilitate a more successful breastfeeding experience.

  • help mothers/families recognize and address signs of postpartum mood and anxiety disorders

  • help families acclimate to the new normal of a new baby in the home. 

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