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Welcome to my food page. What else brings people together, comforts, nourishes, entices and satisfies better than food that is well prepared and delicious? A good meal can go a long way to making a challenging day better and a good time truly great.

For me, the kitchen is home. It is where I spend so much of my time cooking tried-and-true meals, creating new dishes, and collecting a truly vast array of recipes. Trying new things, understanding how flavors work together, how to cook on-the-fly, measure perfectly with the eye, and use a wide variety of ingredients is what turns a ho-hum cook into a very good lifelong home chef.

I cook with fresh ingredients, many herbs and spices and insist on organic meats. My whole grain breads are delicious and good for you because the flours are unprocessed. They include the germ and the bran, contain vitamins and fiber and often rely on combinations of flours like spelt and emmer coupled with grains like bulgur and barley.


And the best part, besides the taste, is the fact that unlike every processed bread on the market, these breads contain no preservatives and plenty of complex carbs. Your body works harder to process complex carbs (so you're full longer) and they lower the glycemic index (a measure of how fast your blood sugar rises after eating certain foods). In a nutshell, they don't convert to sugar in your body and that's a very good thing.

I also offer my very own sour dough bread. Baking sour dough is a labor of love but well worth the effort.  So check it all out. Maybe you'll find a recipe you would like to try yourself or contact me. I would love to cook for you.

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